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Digital Systems Innovation

Enhancing quality and efficiency through digitized clinical secondary packaging processes

Digital Solutions are taking center stage in manufacturing, especially when it comes to advancing new technologies to solve problems and improve operational efficiencies.

In a recent demonstration of this commitment to innovation, Sharp Services, Tulip Interfaces and Sequence Inc. collaborated on a project to explore the use of a frontline operations platform in the secondary packaging process for IMP.

Tulip's platform allows for the creation of real-time production analytics including reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Sequence collaborated on the project as the development and implementation partner to digitize and qualify the secondary packaging processes which resulted in a range of benefits for Sharp.

The partnership between Sharp, Tulip and Sequence resulted in the digitization of secondary packaging processes offering a range of benefits:

  • Freedom to generate apps on a qualified platform (GcP) to digitize operations, strengthen compliance, and improve business efficiency
  • A short learning curve for engineers and operators using the technology during the process, with an intuitive interface
  • Real-time verification to validate that the packaging contains the correct components

Creating a robust, efficient process

With the FDA increasingly looking for ways to verify technology on the production floor, which means looking more towards lines of testing rather than written reports, the potential for a platform such as Tulip to safeguard processes and create continual electronic records will be an important enabler in the industry in future.

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Tulip Manufacturing Setting

Tulip’s cloud-based platform allows companies to construct and customize their own connected apps

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