Sequence Inc. Opens New Training Facility!

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Training Facility

Sequence has executed a vision to build a fully functional, 
mock pharmaceutical manufacturing training facility to educate 
and prepare our team of consultants in a way the industry 
hasn’t seen before.

Key attributes

  • Fully Functional
  • Real-life Setting
  • Hands-on Experience

The Sequence solution

Accelerating Knowledge to Increase Speed to Market

Sequence has executed a vision to build a fully functional, mock pharmaceutical manufacturing training facility to educate and prepare our team of consultants in a way the industry hasn’t seen before.

We provide exposure to process equipment and software applications in a real-life setting. We intentionally include a wide range of systems and software our consultants will encounter on job sites to increase their knowledge across multiple platforms.

This level of exposure and hands-on experience, together with education on the latest industry trends, provides the advantage of accelerated knowledge equivalent to years of experience in many cases. This allows our consultants to be immediately impactful on the job site no matter how many years they’ve been in the industry.

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Innovative training

How we're different

Our cross-functional approach to training our consultants is unique and provides greater value for our clients and employees because we teach risk mitigation through the understanding of implications and impact to all areas within a facility. This is further enhanced by our hiring practice based on our ideal candidate profile to ensure success from the beginning.

Our revolutionary training facility allows us to provide continuing education for our more experienced team members and accelerated learning for newer team members.

Why it matters

A Cross-Functional Approach to CQV and Digital Solutions

Focus on product and process knowledge

Our training program is focused on making sure our employees develop an understanding of how to apply both regulation and guidance to the validation lifecycle, specifically focusing on design, commissioning, and qualification of new facilities.

Exposure to Latest industry guidance

We provide exposure to the latest Industry guidance, so they understand what it takes to create strategies to achieve compliance. This includes ISPE, USP, ICH, FDA and ISA.

Accelerated Learning

The rapid acceleration of knowledge is what sets our team of consultants apart by creating a level of understanding that will ultimately increase speed to market for the life impacting drugs our clients are manufacturing.

Digital Solutions Understanding

Exposure to a wide range of Digital Solutions including BMS, PCS and MES.

Cross Functional Understanding

Incorporates all elements to conceptually train resources on all aspects of plant operations: facilities, utilities, lab, IT, manufacturing process (upstream & downstream), filling, automation, and ancillary equipment with a Pharma 4.0 infrastructure.

Hands-on Learning Makes a Difference

To accelerate our team’s knowledge, our hands-on training facility is set up to represent a mock pharmaceutical manufacturing facility with five core areas of focus for our training: Facilities, Equipment, Utilities, Lab and Computerized Systems.

Our goal is to change the standard approach to Commissioning, Qualification and Validation (CQV) and Digital Solutions when setting up a facility to be fit for intended use.

Through our 20+ years of experience, our success is measured through our ability to help our clients in a more efficient and effective manner and accelerate time to market for the drugs that will ultimately impact patient lives.

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